Carden Hall is situated on four beautiful acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We are committed not only to teaching our students about the life sciences in general but, also, specifically about ecology, oceanography, and marine biology along the Southern California coast.

This fall our seventh graders traveled to Catalina Island for a science camp. Held at Camp Fox in Fox Landing, the camp is a part of the Catalina Island Marine Institute organization. At Carden Hall the seventh grade science curriculum focuses on life science, so this camp is a wonderful way for the students to immerse themselves in a hands-on learning environment, while practicing problem-solving skills and studying in state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories. The three days at the camp included:

Oceanography – Under the guidance of teachers, the students conducted oceanographic experiments and learned how to determine ocean temperature, visibility, turbidity, salinity, and sea floor structure.

Snorkeling – Our students were taught how safely to use and care for snorkeling equipment, before snorkeling and observing the various marine habitats of Fox Landing (spotted on tour: Leopard Shark, Bat Ray, Garibaldi, Opal Eye, Kelp Bass, etc.)

Shark Biology – The students discovered the wonders of sharks, studying shark behavior, learning about various species of sharks, and interacting with them in a touch tank.

Squid Biology – They were introduced to the life cycle of squid, squid dissection, and how to operate dissecting tools.

Plankton Lab – The Students were given the opportunity to use video-microscopy to observe plankton samples. Their time at the lab included discussions of food web and pollution.

Kayaking – The seventh graders learned to Kayak and then enjoyed a coastal tour along the shoreline and a few games and challenges.

Hiking – While enjoying the incredible view over Fox Landing they learned about local plant species and local geography.

Tidepool Exploration – This offered the chance for even more exploration of marine habitats, from catching crabs to identifying algae and touching anemones.