Carden Hall believes that music enhances child development, improves social skills, adds joy and variety to learning, and benefits children of all ages.

In addition, music helps to strengthen memory skills. Daily singing builds a love of music and the joys of song.

Our students perform musical numbers at every assembly, including special, themed grade level performances.

The school year ends with our Spring Sing, an all school musical performance for parents.

Music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, social/emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy.

Exposing children to music during their early development helps them to learn the sounds and meaning of words.

Pre-K students enjoy singing for the sheer pleasure of expression.

They are not yet self conscious about their abilities, and most are more than eager to express themselves in song and movement.

Younger children enjoy songs that repeat words and melodies, rhythms with a definite beat, and words that ask them to do things.

Many songs involve spelling, counting, or remembering a sequence of events. Dancing or hand movements that accompany songs help children to improve motor skills and rhythm while enjoying self-expression.

Our music teachers have the gift of teaching cooperation, sharing, compromise, creativity, and concentration.

These life skills become invaluable as children form friendships and work cooperatively in the classroom. Songs or musical activities during other school subjects are effective during the elementary years.

Students sing between classes and often listen to classical music during lunchtime. This produces a love of sound, singing, and music as a whole. Activities that are accompanied by song bring joy to each undertaking.

Teaching music skills such as pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, harmony, and theory to our students fosters a lifelong appreciation of music.

As students advance, they enjoy multi-part harmony and solos. Each year the eighth grade students stage and perform a musical for the rest of the school.

What dynamic social learning experiences Carden Hall music provides by teaching children to work as a team! Music demonstrates how participating together produces something larger than the sum of its parts.

By providing music as a special subject class, we feel that it enhances the education of all young minds from preschool through the teen years.

Mae Carden stated, “Listening to worthwhile music elevates the spirit and inspires and fills the heart with idealism, lofty thoughts, and faith in the beauty of life.”