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Welcome Alumni!

Carden Hall supports its graduates by providing a connection to its alumni and parents of alumni. We encourage alumni to keep us informed about their endeavors, as we love to celebrate your accomplishments. Alumni are always welcome to return to campus.

"Now that the last Green is leaving, I would just like to say thank you for tolerating all of us. I don’t know about the other two, but I was certainly a handful. However, I know that you have enriched all of our lives. Attending Carden Hall provided me with such a solid foundation. I am not only referring to the superb education that I received, but also to the important values that I gained. Being held to certain standards at Carden Hall challenged me and made me a better person. Even now, many years later, I feel that those standards continue to influence and guide my actions. Things that seemed so minuscule, such as “Be on time,” “Don’t gossip,” and “Always say please and thank you,” are actually invaluable lessons that permeate my everyday life. Thank you for understanding the importance of the “little things.” I strive to model myself after your teachings. Without them, I would be a different person. Thank you for providing a quality school and for expecting excellence out of all of your students."

Lexie Green