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Carden Hall teachers are known for their caring ways, their remarkable teaching talents, their expertise in the Carden Method, and their ability to light the lamp of learning in each child. Our teachers hold degrees in a wide array of subjects, and the faculty boasts over 1000 years of combined teaching experience at Carden Hall.

Each of our teachers is trained thoroughly in the Carden Method prior to teaching on our campus. Mrs. Jones, our Director of Academics, who worked under Mae Carden’s tutelage for fourteen years, teaches an extensive Carden teacher-training course each year.

In addition, teacher training continues through the years under the guidance of mentor teachers and in close corroboration with our Director of Academics. Carden Hall teachers are passionate experts who love to teach.

Faculty Directory

Mr. Aguirre

Mr. Albert

Ms. Alessi

Mrs. Asay

Director of Upper Grades

Mme Buccola

Mrs. Barnes

Director of Curriculum

Miss Buffkin

Mrs. Burnside

Ms. Bynum

Mr. Cansinos

Mrs. Chek

Director of Finance

Mrs. Cherry

Mrs. Church

Director of Mathematics

Mr. Cornell

Head of Facilities

Mr. Cortes

Mr. Cortes


Miss Crowe

Mr. Cutrell

Mrs. Cutrell

Director of Logistics

Miss Dang

Mrs. Dewald

Miss Dunai

Mrs. Eaton

Mrs. Farman

Miss Freiberger

Miss Fults

Mrs. Gantos

Mrs. Gasser

Mrs. Graham

Mrs. Guillen

Miss Haag

Mrs. Hymer

Mrs. Jones

Director of Academics

Mrs. Kalthoff

Executive Director

Ms. Karst

Mrs. Kelly

Mr. Kilkenny

Mrs. King

Mr. Kinowski

Mrs. Konovalov

Mrs. Labban

Miss Lambert

Director of Pre-K

Mrs. Lang

Mrs. Manning

Mrs. Marcek

Mrs. McRoberts

Mrs. McRoberts

Mrs. Milrot

Mr. Morelli

Mr. Morelli

Mrs. Muller

Director of Lower Grades

Mrs. Nishkian

Miss Nuñez

Ms. Odell

Miss Ohland

Mr. Patron

Mrs. Parrinello

Mrs. Penn

Mrs. Peterson

Director of Admissions
and Parent Relations

Mr. Pickard

Mrs. Ransom

Mrs. Richards

Mr. Samson

Mr. Schaefer

Mrs. Steinbroner

Dr. Smith

Senior Executive Advisor

Mrs. Stewart

Athletic Director

Mme Sutton

Mrs. Tamayo

Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Vandervort

Mrs. Vazquez

Miss Veneziale

Mme Waldron

Miss Wherry

Mrs. Willis

Miss Woodman

“I always knew that I wanted to teach children, so I sought the best education I could to prepare me for that with a Master’s in Elementary Education from Stanford. When I was hired for my first job teaching sixth grade in a California public school, I soon realized that, despite my degrees, I was not prepared to be the best teacher for my students."

“One of my top priorities since we opened Carden Hall has been to make sure that, with very selective hiring, extensive teacher training, ongoing mentoring, and the excellent Carden curriculum, every teacher here is equipped to be an excellent teacher, starting with their first day of teaching. All of our teachers are skilled and passionate professionals. That means that each student at Carden Hall has a sure opportunity to learn well.”

Mrs. Jane Jones Director of Academics
Co-Founder and Owner of Carden Hall