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Our curriculum seeks to develop students’ quality of mind and thought, awakening their natural desire to learn and making them competent, eager learners, full of wonder at the richness of the world around them.

We build a careful foundation that ensures success in learning. Our subjects are integrated and sequential, feeding inquiring minds as they move forward in their education. We encourage students to form mental images that bring literature, history, art, mathematics, and technology to life. The students learn to harness their thoughts in papers, poetry, projects, performances, and speeches. The goal of each class is to nurture the habit of thinking, examining, creating, and communicating well. Our students love to learn. We trust that this love of learning will last Carden Hall graduates a lifetime.

“The value this school provides to the students, their families, and the community at large is immeasurable, particularly in this time of educational confusion.”

Dennis Nordstrom Carden Hall parent of four graduates