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Words of Appreciation

Fenton Carey

Carden Hall offers a positive and nurturing environment where one develops character and self-confidence. It’s a place where children don’t fall through the cracks. A Carden Hall graduate is well prepared for high school with a broad academic foundation and discipline in terms of study habits, organizational skills, respect for self and others, and a strong sense of patriotism. On a more personal note to you, I’ve been a big proponent of Carden Hall for years and one of your many cheerleaders. At various social events around town, I hear people make comments about Carden Hall, both positive and negative. I hear women saying, “It’s too strict,” “They don’t let children talk during lunch,” or “This Mr. Jones runs the place like a military camp,” etc, etc. Occasionally, as a Carden Hall graduate and Carden Hall parent, I’m asked by prospective parents about the school. My response is usually the same pitch:  It’s not for everyone. If you want a great academic preparation and a structured environment, this IS the place for you. I’m 42 years old, and I believe many parents today don’t view the “disciplined environment” as the right thing. I, on the other hand, think it is the right approach in elementary education. I often tell my family and close friends that Carden clearly helped shape me into who I am today in terms of my business skills, my personal relationships, my focus on family, and quite frankly, my political views. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job Carden Hall has done in educating our children, Molly and Jack. Molly is thriving at Harbor. She entered Harbor with confidence. Her approach to her schoolwork is consistent with what I speak of above. She’s getting her work done and doing quite well in all her classes. Jack is having a great year so far with his teacher. As a graduate of Carden Hall, I absolutely love the fact that my daughter is now a graduate and that my son will be in a few years.

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Corey Housepian

After attending Carden Hall, I have become aware of how much of an impact it has had upon me. I have learned some of the best study habits and have found inspiration to drive myself to excel in all aspects of my life.

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Kimberly Housepian

I loved Carden Hall. Not only was it where I learned all my morals and values that have been my foundation in life, it has also given me the tools to truly make the most of my education. However, the most valuable things I’ve taken from Carden Hall are the lifelong friendships, several of whom are still my closest, most treasured friends.

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Bradley Craig

I cannot say enough about my experience at Carden Hall. There is so much that I look back on and for which I am grateful. In our modern culture I think that we are losing sight of certain essential qualities that we need to instill in our youth, namely character and integrity. I heard those words every day at Carden Hall, and I did not fully understand what they meant. As an adult, however, I can see the impact that my time at Carden Hall has had. Carden Hall offers the education and the environment that should be the standard in our school systems today. The institution can only be as great as its leader. I say with confidence and without apology that Mr. Jones is one of the finest men that I have ever known. I appreciate his desire to educate young people, to give them a strong sense of self, and to mold them into individuals who exemplify those qualities: character and integrity. Mr. Jones has my deepest respect, and there are few out there who compare

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