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Words of Appreciation

Anne Osimo

Teaching at Carden Hall was something that I wanted to do since high school, and my five years of doing it were wonderful.  However, not until teaching in another school, as I am now, do I realize how amazing Carden Hall is in comparison. My heart breaks for the children in my school who will never experience the joy of being a student at Carden Hall.  It is the combination of Miss Carden’s curriculum, your leadership and organized planning, the small classes, and, of course, parents who care, that makes Carden Hall a one-of-a-kind place! I miss “the beautiful school on the cliffs,” the music in the hallways, and the cheerful people who work there.

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Ruth Caron

Carden Hall has been blessed with strongly dedicated, insightful leaders, a staff that cares to be precise and meticulous in everything they do, and a staff oozing with talent, love, and concern. (Mr. Jones might say they are ready, willing, and very able!) But even when we looked at other good Carden schools, where the curriculum was the same on the outside, the richness of depth and breadth couldn’t compare. You teach so much in your values and your continual consistency and support of those values. I really began to appreciate the “extras,” the special activities for each grade level, the festivities at holidays, and the social enrichment for the junior high. Most of all, your positive attitude about life and the way you lift each student by seeing the good, the best in each of them, make Carden Hall the only school of its kind on earth.

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