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Words of Appreciation

Danielle De Long

Because of my background in French, I’ve been able to travel through France with ease. When I was in high school and college, I aced my French classes. Because of Mr. Jones’ public speaking course, I’ve had few problems talking in front of large groups of people — I eventually became a TV reporter. I remember him telling me my smile was my biggest asset, and I have never forgotten that when I speak publicly. I am also a published writer, and I owe my skills to Carden Hall’s reading and writing programs. My sister always enjoyed art at Carden Hall, and she went on to receive her degree in fine arts from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. While I didn’t see the value in the “strict” culture of Carden Hall when I was a child, I definitely believe in it as an adult — children need structure and should learn about accountability. Oh yes, and I should add that I can play a mean game of beach volleyball, I have a lifetime love for Golden Retrievers, and I am always shocked when people my age don’t know how to square dance, or ballroom dance! (This last skill is very helpful when watching “Dancing with the Stars.”) So thank you, Carden Hall, for an invaluable foundation. What I have learned from you during my childhood I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

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Keith Brisack

I thought that I would write you a note to thank you for the excellent education that I received from Carden Hall. It has served always as a great base from which I could learn. Throughout high school and college, I have continually used knowledge that Carden Hall gave me. It is amazing how much Carden Hall truly affected me and has aided me in my classes and life. Now, as I complete college, I realize this once again. Thank you.

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Audrey Nisbet

I enjoyed every moment spent at Carden Hall, and I continue to reap the benefits of Miss Mae Carden’s educational philosophy. As a current senior at Newport Harbor, I can now fully appreciate the unparalleled educational foundation upon which Carden Hall is based. I know I have the framework to handle any academic, ethical, and social challenge that is presented in everyday life.

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Lexie Green

Now that the last Green is leaving, I would just like to say thank you for tolerating all of us. I don’t know about the other two, but I was certainly a handful. However, I know that you have enriched all of our lives. Attending Carden Hall provided me with such a solid foundation. I am not only referring to the superb education that I received, but also to the important values that I gained. Being held to certain standards at Carden Hall challenged me and made me a better person. Even now, many years later, I feel that those standards continue to influence and guide my actions. Things that seemed so minuscule, such as “Be on time,” “Don’t gossip,” and “Always say please and thank you,” are actually invaluable lessons that permeate my everyday life. Thank you for understanding the importance of the “little things.” I strive to model myself after your teachings. Without them, I would be a different person. Thank you for providing a quality school and for expecting excellence out of all of your students.

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Patrick R. Keefer

I know you probably already know how successful the Carden Method is and how well you prepare the students, especially in reading, writing, and the literary arts, but it cannot hurt to remind you. Among the many students at Newport Harbor, Carden Hall graduates stood out as the most articulate, most intelligent, and most creative students in the entire school. I just thought you should know how greatly I appreciate it. I know that all my academic successes have been based on my Carden Hall education. Though I will not lie and say that I enjoyed the rigors of Carden, I will say that the preparation that I received there built a rock-solid foundation in every academic discipline. Though I have chosen English literature and writing as my focus, I am no less capable in mathematics and calculus. I am most certainly not a brilliant man by any standard. It takes me hours of studying and struggling to achieve my goals. I know that I was not born with this work ethic, but rather learned it through the formative years of my education. Because of Carden Hall and a tremendous amount of hard work all the way through my high school career, I have been able to earn my place in this university (UCLA).

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