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About Us

Mission Statement & Values

Our purpose is to educate the students entrusted to us by consistent use of Miss Carden’s traditional, sequential, integrated curriculum.

Our efforts focus on:
  • Practicing self-control and respect for others;
  • Encouraging the students to think for themselves, express ideas with clarity, and reach logical conclusions;
  • Helping students to develop a strong character;
  • Teaching life’s values; and
  • Living Judeo-Christian virtues and the ideals of our American heritage.


In a joyous, caring environment we:

  • Honor each child’s unlimited potential to learn;
  • Cherish the learning process;
  • Respect the dignity and intelligence of teachers and students alike; and
  • Transform each child’s natural ability and eagerness into academic success.

Our degree of success is revealed in each
student’s ability to live “Life Triumphant.”

"Your attitude is how you choose to feel about a situation, yourself, and your life. It is so truly special that it is under your own control. Let us shine forth with our attitudes."

Albert H. Jones Co-Owner and Director, 1977-2014