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About Us

Mae Carden & The Carden Method

Mae Carden

mae-method-img1Mae Carden was an extraordinary teacher and innovator. A recognized expert in the field of classical education, she operated her own school for fifteen years before devoting her time to training others in the use of her teaching method. She regarded each child as a unique individual with an enormous capacity to learn. Throughout her life Miss Carden joyfully inspired teachers and children to a high level of performance and to a lifetime of learning.

The Carden Method

The highly-successful Carden Method is a complete curriculum in which all subjects are interrelated and reinforced both within and among grade levels. Lessons are taught in a clear, sequential manner. This orderly, consistent approach facilitates learning and provides our students with a thorough academic foundation.

To develop a child’s full potential, a positive school experience is vital. Miss Carden’s carefully-sequenced curriculum and gradual, step-by-step approach help build confidence; her method ensures a secure environment that allows each child to realize his or her potential. The core subjects are taught in small groups through the fifth grade. Grouping guarantees greater individual attention, increases participation, and heightens a child’s eagerness to learn. It helps to meet the individual needs of each child.
The Carden Method teaches children how to think, rather than what to think. We encourage our students to think for themselves, to reach their own logical conclusions, and to express their ideas with clarity. Carden Hall students do not merely learn; they are inspired to learn.