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About Us

Patricia Cullinane

mae-method-img2Concerned for the well-being of her own children and inspired by Miss Carden’s vision of an education that enlightens students’ hearts and minds, Mrs. Cullinane founded Carden Hall in 1963. This passionate, determined, inspiring, and gracious lady directed the school through its first fourteen years. The Carden Hall community continues to celebrate her love of children as we enjoy the many traditions that she initiated.

“I loved every single day of being here at Carden Hall. Those 14 years comprised an amazingly wonderful chapter of my life, a world of children. We gave each one of them Miss Carden’s gift – the key to a lifetime of wonder and learning.”

Patricia Cullinane Co-founder and Director, 1963 to 1977

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jones

mae-method-img3Mr. and Mrs. Jones poured their talents, leadership, and love into Carden Hall from its inception. As the school’s master teacher, Mrs. Jones sets an unfailing standard of excellence in the art of teaching. She continues to teach in eighth grade, trains all new teachers, and supervises curriculum development. Until his passing, Mr. Jones inspired the entire Carden Hall community, through word and example, to lives of integrity and service. Generations of students, parents, and staff remember the life lessons from his weekly assemblies.

“Mr. Jones has been a tremendous influence in my life, as he has been for so many people. I think it’s most appropriate to begin by talking about his values and his character. It is appropriate to start here because the discussion of character is where almost every conversation or lesson began and ended with Mr. Jones. I have never met a single person who lived a life so consistently and with such conviction for doing the right thing. The values that come to mind as I think of Mr. Jones are integrity, fairness, honor, kindness, gratitude, humility, and personal responsibility. He taught these values. He lived these values, and he also held each of us accountable for these values.”

Gregg Kelly Carden Hall Class of 1971

With over fifty years of momentum, Carden Hall continues steadily on its course, developing young men and women of strong moral character, tested leadership, and high academic achievement. In serving this purpose, we honor the legacy of those who guided this school as it took shape and became a force for good in this community.