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About Us

The Carden Hall Handshake

As we are united by our children and the hope for their bright future, The Carden Hall Handshake is a symbol of our parent-school partnership in preserving the timeless truths and treasured values which develop healthy, strong, caring, competent leaders.

From ancient times the gesture of outstretched, open hands grasping one another has represented good faith when making a promise and sealing an agreement. Since Carden Hall’s founding, the daily, firm handshake and bright eyes have signaled the essential connection between teacher and learner. Today, the spirit of the handshake tradition continues with our heartfelt Eagle Salute.

With The Carden Hall Handshake, we commit to honoring and upholding the interwoven tenets of the five pairs of complementary virtues that represent our enduring Carden Strong way of life.

We ask that all parents join us in The Carden Hall Handshake which represents our shared commitment to preserving the rich heritage and beloved traditions of our Island of Good. We are both grateful for and proud of our parent partnership, and we value it as a vital component of continued enrollment and what it means to be Carden Strong.

"Your attitude is how you choose to feel about a situation, yourself, and your life. It is so truly special that it is under your own control. Let us shine forth with our attitudes."

Albert H. Jones Co-Owner and Director, 1977-2014