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About Us

About Us

At Carden Hall we seek to draw forth the whole person—mind, body, & spirit.

Think and Examine

Develop an inquiring mind. Discover how things work, from sounds and letters, to sentences, equations, and formulas. Comprehend your world.

Imagine and Create

Form pictures in your own mind. Then learn how to make them take shape—as images, poetry, stories, songs, plays, and experiments. Cultivate wonder.

Read, Write, and Communicate

Explore the power of language. Start with letters, words, sentences, and great books. Find your voice in papers, reports, and speeches. Capture ideas and inspire others.

Persevere and Cooperate

From the jungle gym to the soccer team, develop your skills, and push beyond your limits. Then work with others. Make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Lead and Inspire

Explore the character of a leader; then learn to lead yourself wisely. Respect yourself and others. Mentor young students. Lead the way forward.

Vision and Community

For over 50 years Carden Hall students have been discovering the extraordinary within themselves and in the world around them. As a community, this shared passion directs our future. Please join us!

“At Carden Hall my boys learned how to be men, how to be responsible for themselves. They developed character and the fundamentals to succeed."

John Choumas Carden Hall parent